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What We Do

In Remembrance

Over the years, we have had the privilege of getting to know and care for some very special souls.

This tribute is in remembrance of each of these remarkable chimpanzees. Each touched our lives in different ways, but all still hold a special place in our hearts. Read their stories, look at their photos, and share their stories with friends and family. These chimps should never be forgotten for the sacrifice each has made.




In remembrance of Fauna's Ambassadors

Those who have had the opportunity to call Fauna home over the years have been immortalized by their stories. Each and every one who has been kept behind bars has a story. Their stories must be told and their secrets shared in order to help those still inside the research labs, the zoos, and the private homes. Their stories, their lives, and their suffering needs to be shared until the very last one is safely moved to sanctuary.

In 2003, Dr. Theodora Capaldo, then president of NEAVS, invited founder Gloria Grow to speak in Boston and tell the stories of these chimps. Dr. Capaldo was deeply moved by the stories. She understood the importance of them… of knowing who these faceless, numbered research subjects were, who these chimps really were, knowing who had been behind the bars, and trying to understand the world from their point of view.

Thus, a campaign was launched: “In Their Own Words.” This campaign would take us to Washington, D.C. to share the stories of these chimps. It would ultimately contribute to the end of some chimpanzee research in the U.S. Perhaps, someday, it will bring about the day when there is no more animal research. Fauna’s residents have become remarkable Ambassadors, and they continue to be long after they are gone.

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