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Blackie was not at Fauna for very long before passing way in February 2019. She was a social and spunky chimp who made friends fairly quickly upon arriving at Fauna in November 2016 with Dolly.

Blackie arrived at Parc Safari in 1973, at the age of four, along with four other chimps from a drive through zoo in Mesquite Texas. She lived at Parc Safari for 43 years. She most likely had babies but they were not recorded. When Dolly and Blackie were the last two remaining Chimps at Hemingford’s Parc Safari, the zoo decided to send them to Fauna. Blackie lived almost to her 50th birthday — which means she lived a long time for a captive chimpanzee.

“Only if we understand, will we care. Only if we care, will we help. Only if we help shall all be saved”. –Dr. Jane Goodall

Blackie was very petite, with darker hair and a lot of grey around her chin and face. She was balding on the top of her head, giving further pronunciation to her almond shaped eyes. Blackie was always very curious. When she first arrived at Fauna she inspected every inch of the enclosures. In time, with help from caregivers and new chimpanzee friends she softened and became more relaxed in her new home at Fauna. She loved all the fresh fruits and raw vegetables available to her on her trolley, her homemade apple juice, and muffins. Fruits and fresh raw vegetables, homemade apple juice and muffins. She was skeptical about new foods and often let Dolly try things first before deciding if she wanted it or not.

Blackie was an elaborate nest maker. She spent a lot of time at the end of everyday collecting blankets and items to make her very large nests. Then she would lie in the middle like a tiny egg in a basket. She also enjoyed her time out on the islands. The first time they were given access, both Dolly and Blackie went out and wanted to stay out lounging in the tall grass and eating it too.

While at Fauna Blackie was quite adventurous and made friends quickly in the short time she was with us. Her and Dolly met and spent a lot of time with Sue Ellen. They were the perfect group of elderly ladies who loved each other’s company. They all also met Jethro a few times. He is so calm and respectful that they all got a long really well. She also met Binky, Maya, and Tatu.

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