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Behavioral Studies

Proposals for behavioral studies at Fauna are welcome

Behavioral studies are allowed only when there is direct benefit to the residents and, potentially, other animals held in captive environments. The work must be strictly non‑invasive, observational and must adhere to Fauna’s guidelines that parallel those set for the protection of human research subjects.

The primary mission of Fauna Foundation is to provide sanctuary for its nonhuman residents. Sanctuary is defined as a safe place for chimpanzees and other animals retired or rescued from use or abuse that provides excellent physical and psychosocial care within an environment designed to maximize benefit and minimize risks to the residents.

Key to accepting any behavioral study proposal or soliciting work of a certain nature is that the study must be in direct service to the chimpanzees and interventions to improve the care they are provided.

Please see Fauna’s Behavior Study Guidelines & Application for our policies and application process.

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