Welcome to Fauna Foundation

Canada's Only Chimpanzee Sanctuary

Fauna Foundation is a protected environment for former biomedical research chimpanzees, monkeys and neglected, abused farm and domestic animals. Through sanctuary, conservation and education, we aim to foster a better understanding of all animals while exploring our ethical responsibility as humans for the well-being of all earth’s creatures.


A Place of Refuge

Sanctuary means providing a place of refuge for animals who have come to us from the research, agriculture and entertainment industries. Fauna Foundation’s Sanctuary provides permanent protection for these animals from the use and abuse our culture previously inflicted upon them as tools for medical research and education, objects of private ownership, sources of food, and forced entertainment.


Adopt-a-Chimp Today

Chimpanzees in captivity can become bored and restless if their environment does not change, so we must continually enhance their enclosures and provide enrichment activities to keep them mentally stimulated. Proceeds from our Adopt-a-Chimp program go directly to this important work.

By virtually “adopting” today, you can play an important role in a chimp’s ongoing recovery.


Hear Their Stories

Each one of the chimps at Fauna has his or her own story — where they started, how they got to Fauna, and the harrowing lives they endured until they found sanctuary with us. From the day we started the Fauna Foundation, our lives have been touched by these remarkable souls. Let us never forget their suffering.

Fauna’s hope is that by making people more aware of the stories of these wonderful individuals, we will change the way they are seen and treated.


Protecting Our Local Flora & Fauna

We have a deeply-felt concern for environmental issues, arising from our core beliefs as well as the necessity to offer our Sanctuary residents a protected habitat in which they can thrive. Fauna’s land, under the name Réserve Naturelle du Ruisseau-Robert, is a designated Nature Reserve by the Québec government and is now a conservation space where many species and biodiversity can flourish.


Educating for Change

Fauna Workshops are engaging, interactive, educational sessions that offer in-depth exposure to an aspect of Fauna. Events include presentations by noted speakers, educational sessions about our chimpanzees and other residents, and wildlife, behaviour, or caregiving practices. It’s an opportunity for you to visit the Fauna property and meet like-minded people! Check out our upcoming schedule and note that space is limited, so be sure to make your reservations quickly.

Fauna Internships blend behavioural studies with husbandry experience. Our hope is to train individuals who will make a change for chimpanzees.

Take action

Give a Lifesaving Gift to a Chimp

The donations and support we get from people just like you around the world, who share our love and commitment to the residents of Fauna, allows us to do what we do. We are grateful for your help. Please consider donating today.


Take a Virtual Tour of Fauna

Have you ever wondered what the Fauna Sanctuary property looks like? Check out our Chimp House Tour and get a guided virtual visit as our caregivers show you around.


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