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Little Man, with Sophie, came to Fauna in 1998. They came from a woman who had a very large animal shelter back in the day. She had acquired Little Man from a laboratory in Montreal (a research facility). He was her first primate rescue. She later rescued little Sophie from the pet trade, the usual story of a little pet monkey who became difficult to “manage”. When this woman had to relocate her shelter and the hundreds of animals in her care she reached out to us (we had the chimps at this time) to ask if we could “temporarily“ care for Sophie and Little Man. It ended up that they were in our care permanently. We renovated an abandoned building to give them much more space and outdoor access, and then soon after that we rebuilt the monkey house for them and for the others that followed — Pougi, then Theo, Darla, Newton, and finally Eugene.

Little Man’s companion for most of his life was Sophie. They were extremely close, and she was always protective of him, and certainly loved him with all of her heart. While he was ill with a heart condition, she never left his side and was attentive and loving until the day he died, December 5, 2007.

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