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About Binky

Rambunctious and ever playful, Binky often plays hard to get. Once he befriends you, his softer side reveals itself. He can be seen galloping through the skywalks engaging caregivers in a game of chase. He has dark hair and a lighter grey beard. Compact and muscular, Binky’s strength and stamina are impressive. His eyes are striking and piercing. He knows what he wants and understands more than he leads on — he is always listening.

Binky is the youngest chimp at Fauna. He can be rather mischievous, and known for his perpetual playfulness; he is often found playing with staff and other chimps. Lately Binky has been living with Maya and Rachel. He enjoys visits with Tatu. They play games of chase and groom together during their visits. Binky loves watching TV and videos and can sit entranced for quite awhile. His favorite are wildlife films and short videos of himself. He enjoys looking through magazines.

Maya and Binky also have a rather unique relationship. They have spent so much time together over the years that they really remind are like brother and sister. They each do their own thing but enjoy each other’s company.

Binky's Bio

Get to know this handsome, playful guy.

April 10, 1989

Slurping water, roasted onions, whole eggplants, romaine lettuce, peanuts, scrunchies (hair ties), gossip magazines, and watching videos...especially of himself!

Getting dirty! He will avoid wet flooring or snow in tunnels to not get his little toes wet.

Did You Know?
Binky can often be found sporting a flashy scrunchie around his wrist.

Fun Fact!
Binky makes a loud “raspberry” sound (a.k.a. Bronx cheer!) as an attention getter.

Most Likely To...
Throw onions at staff. Or be found holding tissues in his pelvic pocket, hands and feet.

Binky's History

Binky was born on April 10, 1989 at LEMSIP. He was used in four multiple month-long invasive studies over his seven years in laboratory research. After just turning 8 years-old, Binky was about to begin a new life at Fauna. Already he had experienced a life of loss, disappointment and deep pain. The new life he had at Fauna provided so many wonderful new adventures and surprises. Happy, fun, playful, outgoing and rambunctious, Binky seemed rather well adjusted compared to the others, so we were surprised to learn just how hard it was for him and why he caused problems sometimes. What we soon realized was that he was desperately looking for acceptance, support and love, but was lacking the social skills necessary to achieve these, as well as a mother in his life to nurture and support him.

He was lucky enough to have Annie, the matriarch of the group in his life once he came to Fauna. Annie was not able to focus on just Binky, nor any one youngster in particular, as she had six to care for. She did her very best indeed, but it was difficult and often very stressful. Annie was the most amazing mother figure — ever-patient and always wonderful, but alone with an enormous responsibility. Even though, she managed to give enough love to each one of her adopted family members to get them through some difficult years.

After Annie died, there was a long time where Binky struggled to fit in. No longer protected and supported by his adopted mother, he was once again on his own. By good fortune Tom and Yoko found Binky to be a good little buddy and Tom took over where Annie left off. It was a truly remarkable act on Tom’s part and a relationship we will always remember and treasure. He was able to teach Binky so much about love and boundaries.

From the time Binky was 13 until he was 21 years old Tom was very involved in his life and was a strong, powerful role model. Binky’s strength and good health make him somewhat of a force to be reckoned with. It took the likes of Tom to help keep him “contained” you might say. Binky was far too strong for his own age group and acting like a typical teenage boy around the girls, which only made it harder for him.

In 2008, Spock, Maya and Sophie came to Fauna. Spock bonded very quickly with Tom and somehow seemed to be a kindred spirit — their relationship so beautiful. However, included in that special friendship was the very fortunate Binky. At 19 years old, Binky was blessed to have two very wise, gentle and strong older male role models in his life.

Love Binky? “Adopt” Him!

You can personally help Binky by “adopting” him through our Adopt‑a‑Chimp program! By adopting him today, you play an important role in Binky’s ongoing recovery. Chimpanzees in captivity can become bored and restless if their environment does not change. To keep the chimps mentally stimulated, we must continually expand and enhance their enclosures and provide enrichment activities for them to explore. Proceeds from our Adopt‑a‑Chimp program go directly to this very important work.

When you adopt, you’ll receive a digital Adoption Package as a cherished keepsake. Packages include a full-color photo of your chimpanzee, their biography and history, and our latest annual report! You'll also feel really happy that you are providing so much goodness into the life of a captive chimpanzee.

For as little as CDN $60, you can be a VIP in Binky’s life!

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