Sue Ellen’s Wayne Watch 2020

This summer was extra special because Sue Ellen got front row seats to what we’ve dubbed Wayne Watch 2020. Let us explain!

As most of you know Sue Ellen seems to prefer her male caregivers over her female caregivers. We aren’t really sure why, but as caregivers it can be quite obvious. When any man walks into the Chimphouse Sue Ellen’s ears perk up just a little, listening to see if they’ll come say hello and once they do, their arrival is quickly followed by lots of breathy pants from Sue Ellen.

This summer we had to replace most of the wood on the bridge leading up to the Chimphouse, check it out on the map. Of course, Wayne being the Fauna handyman extraordinaire and his faithful assistant, Charles, were tasked with the job.

Now the bridge lies directly in front of the Chimphouse in clear view from most of the tunnels, including the ones Sue Ellen had access to most of the summer. So what does this mean for Sue Ellen? It means the perfect view of Wayne and Charles!

Check out the video above for a better view of Wayne Watch 2020!

The bridge was an unexpected expense this year. Please consider helping to support the bridge, an essential passage to the Chimphouse.

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Sue Ellen's Wayne Watch 2020
Lovely Sue Ellen © Justin Taus