Tatu and Loulis

Tatu and Loulis have lived together since they were young children. Despite having different biological parents, their relationship is that of siblings. They are very close and are truly BFF’s! Like all siblings though, they have their moments of squabbling, specifically, taking each other’s food without permission. They also occasionally get on each other’s nerves. I mean, who wants to be around a rambunctious brother while you’re trying to take a nap?

An Apple a Day

On this particular day, Tatu asked for an APPLE. I grabbed a freshly washed one out of the fridge but when I went to offer it to her, she was nowhere to be found. I figured she had gone to the end of Pepper’s tunnel, so I grabbed one more apple (in case Loulis was around) and headed outside. On my way out, Tatu flagged me down from the skywalk where she was hanging out near Loulis. Loulis was relaxing in the sun and Tatu was signing PERSON over and over until I saw her. Once she got my attention she signed CHASE and the three of us headed for the end of the tunnel at a decent speed. At the end of the skywalk I offered them both an apple but Lou was more interested in taking Tatu’s apple. She, of course, was not having any of it. She let out a little whimper asking Loulis not to take it. He obliged and rather than having it turn into an argument, they decided to  turn it into a game of tickle/chase instead! Make sure to listen carefully for those chimpanzee giggles.

Tatu and Loulis in the skywalks
The two of them went round and round the donut. (That is what we call the big structure at the end of the skywalk.) They were tickling and chasing and taking little bites of apple in the middle of it all. Luckily some of the fun was captured! Whenever I get to hear the tiniest bit of chimp laughter, I can’t help but feel grateful that I get to be around these amazing friends.

–Story by Kaeley Sullins, Animal Caregiver

Please consider buying a bushel of apples for Tatu and Loulis…and their friends!