Fauna Foundation Chimpanzee Sue Ellen - Health Update

Sue Ellen’s Health

As some of you may already know, Sue Ellen has recently been experiencing some mobility issues and no longer has the use of her legs. She is amazing in her resilience in that she’s discovered ways to move herself around her enclosures. We watch how she moves and then make ongoing adjustments to facilitate what is working for her. We’ve installed bars, straps, special flooring, and other things to assist her and we adapt her surroundings daily.

Our physicals have led to no exact cause for her condition and we continue to consult and update our team of expert chimpanzee vets on a daily basis to insure Sue Ellen is receiving what is best for her dynamic condition. Sue Ellen’s spirits are awesome. She has neighbour visits with her friends regularly and she meets the challenges of her limited abilities with strength and courage, which inspire us all.

Palliative Care Approach

Fauna has a palliative approach to care and we assess Sue Ellen’s quality of life daily. So while we are still treating her for some symptoms, foremost is consideration for her comfort and dignity. Special needs chimpanzees require and deserve a high level of care and this means more caregiver time, more medication and a special diet. It is becasue of our generous supporters that we are able to offer Sue Ellen the compassionate care she so deserves. Thank you for considering Sue Ellen’s needs in your giving.

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