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Saying Goodbye to Dolly

With sadness we inform you that Dolly who left this Earth on January 7, 2021. She was 53 years old and just days away from her 54th birthday of January 17. Like so many elderly chimpanzees, she succumbed to heart failure.

Dolly’s Story

Dolly arrived at Fauna Foundation on November 28, 2016 after 4 decades in a zoo. At Fauna she experienced many new things such as regular cooked meals, a variety of food and enrichment, blankets to build nests, and choices. Dolly loved being outside and walking through the skywalks and hanging on the island. We were honoured at Fauna to have the opportunity to give Dolly life in a sanctuary where her needs were a priority. Free from the restraints of being on exhibit and seasonal restrictions of a northern zoo that stored animals inside during winter months.

In 1979 at the zoo, Dolly had at least one baby, Donny II, who was taken from her and sent to another zoo. She arrived at Fauna with Blackie, who had been with her throughout her life. These two became fast friends with Sue Ellen, who was at Dolly’s side until the end.

Please consider making a donation in honour of Dolly.


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