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Say NO to Montreal Rodeo

Fauna Foundation is very concerned about an event taking place as part of Montreal 375th anniversary festivities. From August 2427 2017, the city of Montreal, along with the Society for the Celebrations of Montréal’s 375th Anniversary are holding a rodeo event, called “Nomadfest Urban Rodeo,” in the Old Port of Montreal. Unfortunately, this Montreal rodeo will subject animals to stress, injury and even the risk of death for the sole purpose of entertainment. This is not a tradition that has ever represented the history of Montreal, nor is it representative of the values of its citizens.

Sign the petition to Say NO to the Montreal Rodeo

It is time to take a stand against the use of animals in the entertainment industry. We invite our supporters to boycott the Montreal Rodeo and visit www.notorodeo.com to sign the petition to prevent this event, produced by Nomadfest Urban Rodeo, from taking place. You will also find pre-written letters addressed to Mayor Coderre, the Society for the Celebrations of Montréal’s 375th Anniversary, the tourism board of Montreal, as well as the sponsors partaking in this event. Please speak up for those who cannot, and let us celebrate Montreal’s 375th anniversary, free from the suffering that rodeo animals endure.

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