Fauna's chimpanzee, Jethro

Sad News About Jethro

Une triste nouvelle au sujet de Jethro — Version française ici

With sadness in our hearts we share the news that Jethro unexpectedly passed away on October 9, 2020. He was the “baby” at 31 years of old, which really is middle aged. He was born August 23, 1989 at LEMSIP. He arrived at Fauna when he was 8 years old; he had been used in biomedical studies through out his childhood. Jethro had good friendships with all the chimpanzees at Fauna and was a peacemaker. He was particularly close with Regis and Binky, also from LEMSIP, and close to Jethro’s age. A loveable chimpanzee, he will be dearly missed by his caregivers and many friends.

Jethro appeared in good health up until this time. His father died of heart disease and Jethro was on heart disease preventive medication. Sudden death from heart disease is all too common in chimpanzees.

He loved to play the recorder. He made an ‘ahh’ sound call his human friends. He had a very special playface with pursed lips. It is those moments of joy in his life from which we can garner strength and wish peace to him and his chimpanzee friends who will miss him.

Please consider making a donation in Jethro’s memory.