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Remembering Theo

Theo left this world on August 22, 2017.

Theo was born in the wild in Kenya, a place where Olive Baboons are meant to live, and captured as an infant. He was imported to Canada and set to be used in research at University of Western Ontario. Due to his strength and the fact that he would not keep the restraining jacket on, he could not be used for the studies. After all he had been through with his capture and his losses, Theo was to be terminated. His job was to be a blood donor for other baboons who had undergone a kidney transplant. This required that he wear a type of restraining jacket, without it the necessary access to his body was impossible. It seems Theo would not wear the jacket and was able to get it off. Lucky for him, he would not wear the restraining devices, but horrifying to think his life would have to end because of that. This vibrant, amazing, social young fellow would be on a list of candidates who would be killed unless someone provided a home for him. Which is exactly what Fauna did in 2003.

Life in the Monkeyhouse

Theo was kind, gentle, beautiful and good to his caregivers. He was remarkable fellow with a sweet nature. He lived on his own but with neighbors whom he adored. His dear friend for many years was a little Long Tailed Crab-Eating Macaque, Pougi, as well as a lovely Capuchin couple, Sophie and Little Man. Pougi, Little Man and Sophie are gone now. In his last years his neighbors were two Rhesus Macaques, Newton and Darla. Newton provided companionship with grooming. Eugene, a Japanese Macaque, was also Theo’s neighbor.


Saying Goodbye

Theo’s last month was a slow health decline and was described in a blog post. He died shortly after that post. Despite our best efforts, he became unable to move and feed himself and there was no signs or prognosis of improvement from the neurologist.


Theo will be greatly missed by his non-human and human friends and family. If you would like to make a gift to Fauna’s Lifetime Care Fund in Theo’s memory, you can donate here.

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