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Remembering Blackie

It is with a heavy heart that we share the news that Blackie suffered a massive heart attack and passed away this week. Blackie and her friend Dolly arrived at Fauna in November 2016 from Parc Safari, a zoo in Hemmingford, Quebec.

Blackie met many new friends at Fauna and had a particularly special relationship with Sue Ellen. You can read about their first meeting here. She relished her home cooked meals and fresh fruits and vegetables and she immensely enjoyed spending time on the islands.



Blackie’s Early Years

Blackie was born in Mesquite, Texas in a drive-through zoo. She arrived at Parc Safari in 1973 with Dolly, who remains at Fauna, and other young chimpanzees. This group was used for breeding at Parc Safari. We do know that Dolly has given birth but we do not know if Blackie had had any babies in the decades she spent in captivity at the zoo.

Blackie was approaching 50 years of age when she died, a geriatric, like many of the other chimpanzees at Fauna.

She will be missed by her many friends at Fauna, human and chimpanzee.

Please consider making a donation in her memory.


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