Rachel’s Vibrant Bowl of Veggies

In this video we feature Rachel’s vibrant bowl of veggies! Read on to learn more about the chimps’ veggie favorites and what’s in this bowl Rachel is enjoying.

The chimpanzee’s here at Fauna all have favorite foods. Most love fresh fruits and veggies, but there a few who really seem to enjoy some delicious cooked vegetables. Yes, even on a hot day! Rachel happens to be one of those chimps!

Chimpanzee, Rachel, sits in profile
Rachel © Justin Taus

Rachel’s Vibrant Bowl of Cooked Veggies

Rachel always seems to be the first chimp watching our Chef Trevor to see what sort of yummy veggies are coming her way! We offer the chimps a variety of fresh veggies such as lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, kale, cabbage, cucumber… the list goes on and on! Whatever is in season, is usually a favorite among the residents. Our cooked veggies tend to include a lot of root vegetables, like carrots, parsnip, and beets. All providing important vitamins and fiber to their diet.

In this clip, you can see Rachel enjoying a vibrant bowl of cooked veggies. Bet you can guess what the main ingredient was: BEETS!

–Story by Kaeley Sullins, Animal Caregiver


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If you love Rachel as much as we do, consider a symbolic adoption of Rachel or one of her chimpanzee friends at Fauna.

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