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We welcome volunteers who share the spirit of giving and helping others

Do you want to meet like-minded people who share your values of compassion? Do you want to improve the quality of life for other beings? Do you want to give back to a cause you believe in? Do you want to protect the environment through conservation? Or spend quality time amongst trees, flowers, and birds? If you answered yes to any of the above, join the Fauna volunteer team!

COVID-19 Notice: To protect our residents from COVID, our volunteer program is only operating on a limited basis. We are not accepting new volunteers at this time. You are welcome to complete the application, which we will keep on file. When we are able to open our program to new volunteers, we will review applications on a first come first serve basis. Thus your application will ensure your place in line.

Volunteer Opportunities

Office & General Administration

Help the Fauna office staff in a variety of administrative tasks.

Fauna Gardens & Arboretum

Help care for our gardens and trees, and assist with conservation projects.


Enrichment is a way to provide engaging fun and activities for the residents.

Outreach Initiatives

Raise awareness, educate others and engage with the community.

Resident Care

Help with enrichment, laundry, general maintenance and housekeeping to care for our Chimp House residents.

Volunteer Days for Teams & Organizations

Periodic volunteer days at Fauna, perfect for teams and small groups.

Be a Core Fauna Volunteer

Our core Fauna Volunteers are the heart and soul of our volunteer program, and we rely on them to support our daily operations. We have a variety of different opportunities for our core volunteers. We invite you to review the volunteer roles below to see which ones are best suited to your time, talents and interests.

We hope our volunteers are flexible and able to accommodate our needs. We also understand that some volunteers may be better suited or prefer some activities more than others. The areas that we need help follow.


    • Must be over the age of 18;
    • Must be a current, annual donor of Fauna Foundation ($50 level);
    • Complete the volunteer application form;
    • Attend a 3-hour volunteer orientation which covers Fauna’s mission, volunteer expectations, protocols, volunteer orientation manual, and a safety tour of the Fauna property. Orientations are held approximately 4 times a year. (Note: We will be unable to consider any applicant who is not able to attend orientation after three consecutive invitations);
    • Must have a current tetanus vaccination and TB test (results negative within last year);
    • Sign a liability release;
    • Demonstrate an understanding of our volunteer manual;
    • Commit to at least one 4-hour shift per month for a minimum of 6 months.

Some volunteer roles below have additional requirements for training and time commitments, in addition to these general requirements, so please read all descriptions closely.

Core Volunteer Role

Office & General Administration

As Fauna’s control and dispatching centre, the office is an ever-buzzing place with calls, deliveries, staff, volunteers and visitors! Our office is a very busy place so we always welcome a helping hand.

Volunteers support the office staff in a variety of tasks such as data entry, filing, mailing, translating, proofreading, housekeeping and so much more. This program option can also be done on- or off-site, depending on the current needs and projects to tackle.

Fauna Foundation Intern
Fauna Foundation Arborist Ken
Core Volunteer Role

Gardens & Arboretum

At Fauna, we love flowers, plants and trees! We have more than 20 thematic gardens that we maintain and care for, like the Secret Garden, Puppy’s Garden, and the Butterflies Garden. In our greenhouse, we grow a wide variety of flowers to dress up all our different gardens. We also seed, do cuttings, transplant and maintain all plants recovered in the fall. It is quite a feat!

Volunteers help with different tasks like washing pots, pruning, weeding, and overall garden and greenhouse maintenance. All under the creative vision and kind guidance of our garden supervisor.

Throughout our Nature Reserve, we have more than 125 different tree species, both native and exotic. Our resident arborist is responsible for conservation and tending the 1200 young exotic trees that we planted in our black walnut field and adjacent arboretums. Volunteers help us in caring for these many young trees and assist in ongoing conservation projects, during which time we explain and share a wealth of tree knowledge with interested participants.

Volunteering in the gardens and arboretum will certainly open your eyes to new and fascinating views of nature, peace and beauty.

Core Volunteer Role


Environmental enrichment is a way to provide variety and activities into the lives of the Fauna residents. It contributes to giving our residents the highest quality of life.

Did you know that chimpanzees in their natural environment can travel as many as 10 kilometers a day? They are normally exposed to many different challenges and situations and must problem-solve in order to survive. Chimpanzees who live in captivity are not exposed to many situations that challenge them to use their critical thinking abilities. Therefore, it is important to give them as much variety in their lives as possible. We use many forms of enrichment to provide them with opportunities for problem-solving, and to help them stay physically and mentally healthy.

We provide enrichment to our residents every single day — and we need lots and lots and lots of it! When there is a quantity of diverse enrichment prepared in advance by volunteers, Fauna Caregivers can focus their time on caring for the residents in others ways, such as attending to medical needs or playing with and grooming them.

Volunteers can participate in bigger enrichment projects such as making foraging boards, dipping tubes, braided fire hose feeders and other types of puzzles. We also make enrichment for the monkeys as well as for the farm residents.

Fauna Foundation Monkey Eugene
Fauna Volunteer Opportunities - John Gluck Presenting
Core Volunteer Role

Outreach Initiatives

If you have good communication and interpersonal skills, are able to initiate contact and activities, and enjoy talking with people and sharing information, volunteer outreach is for you!

Throughout the year, Fauna engages with the public through programs such as: Sanctuary Symposiums, Workshops and Events, festivals and other on- and off-site events. We talk about our organization and mission, raise awareness and motivate others into taking action with us. Our volunteers’ support and passion make it possible for us to engage the community more frequently, more efficiently and on a larger scale.

Volunteers host and plan fundraisers, staff booths at community events, share information about Fauna and its mission, sell merchandise, help with setup and takedown at outreach events, assist with welcoming visitors and making sure they are well-cared for, accompany groups on walking tours, give lectures, guide symposium attendees on conservation walks and pick up or drop off outreach material.

We also welcome the creative and innovative spirit of volunteers. Past activities organized by volunteers have included bake sales, yoga events, t-shirt designs and sales, and other fun ways to contribute to Fauna.

Core Volunteer Role

Resident Care in the Chimp House

Resident Care volunteers participate in various activities related to the care of our residents, including helping with enrichment, laundry, general maintenance and housekeeping. Scheduling and staffing needs are limited. Resident Care volunteer opportunities are extended by invitation-only to existing volunteers. This role does not include interaction with the chimpanzees.

REQUIREMENTS: In addition to the general core volunteer requirements, Resident Care volunteers must also –

  • Have at least 25 hours of previous volunteer work at Fauna;
  • Complete a police background check;
  • Read the books Chimps of Fauna, Next of Kin, and Beautiful Minds;
  • Demonstrate the ability to work safely, follow directions, be reliable and dependable;
  • Demonstrate the ability to identify the chimpanzees;
  • Demonstrate an understanding of chimpanzee behaviors;
  • Attend a Chimp House Safety and Etiquette training (which includes a security orientation) and then demonstrate a knowledge of the skills presented;
  • Sign our Chimp House safety form.

Please note: Failure to follow safety rules -OR- two no-calls, no-shows will result in termination of a volunteer position in the Chimp House.

Fauna Foundation Team Member Prepares Food
Team Volunteering

Volunteer Days for Teams/Organizations

Are you looking for a fun, rewarding and interactive activity for your team or organization? Why not spend a day doing good and having fun in the fresh air at Fauna Foundation? Sign up for a team or organization Volunteer Day at Fauna!

We welcome groups between 6–25 people to come out and volunteer with us from May through October. We have jobs for nearly every interest and skill level. Of course, while you are here there’s always time to revel in the beauty of the Sanctuary and Nature Reserve and learn more about our mission, our residents, and the local flora and fauna.

We always have lots of jobs but if you have a specific project in mind, and perhaps would consider funding it, we’d be happy to try to arrange it. Whatever project you and your team work on at Fauna, we know that you will leave feeling better about yourself and your world.

Team Volunteer Day Application
Volunteer at Fauna - Volunteer Team Day

Get Involved

Volunteering is a great opportunity to use your skills, develop new ones, and build on existing experience and knowledge — all while meeting new friends and giving back to the world.

For more information, contact us to get in touch with Fauna’s Outreach & Volunteer Coordinator.

Core Volunteer Application
“As we work to create light for others, we naturally create our own light” ‑Mary Anne Radmacher