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Regis is a sensitive and emotional chimpanzee who can often be spotted with a stuffed animal in his pelvic pocket. He is the tallest of the Fauna chimps with very long arms. He has a structured thin face with large, slightly pointed ears and his canines protrude forward slightly. Incredibly sensitive, loving, loyal, fragile, guarded, vulnerable, complicated, intuitive, smart, and clever, Regis is quite accepting of his situation. He definitely sees himself as an alpha chimp, and the other residents mostly treat him as such. Regis is friends with a lot of his other close family members. He enjoys quiet time with his family members and caregivers. Regis is always the first to decipher any new enrichment ideas. Give him a box locked shut and a bunch of keys to choose from, and he will be the first to open it. (Read more about Regis.)

By virtually “adopting” today, you can be a VIP in Regis’ life!

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Weight .01 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm
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Digital Adoption Package – $60, Premium Adoption Package with T-shirt – $150, Premium Adoption Package with Plush Toy – $150

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