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Newton is spunky and eccentric, most likely due to his poor vision and his life behind bars. He walks in a robust manner, knocking over toys in his path. He has beautiful, wispy hairs on his cheeks. Newton was sentenced to be disposed of at the age of four years old because he was no longer useful for a research study. They suspected he had glaucoma and thus could not be used for their eye research at Queens University in Ontario. He came to Fauna in February 2005 along with one other monkey from the University lab, Darla. Newton loves exploring his numerous enclosures. He loves enrichment, and will always go for enrichment first over anything, even food! He loves to tear things apart to see what is inside. (Read more about Newton here.)

By virtually “adopting” today, you can be a VIP in Newton’s life!

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Weight .01 kg
Dimensions 1 × 11 × 1 cm
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Digital Adoption Package – $60, Premium Adoption Package with T-shirt – $150

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