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Darla is a very emotional rhesus macaque. She was captured in the wild to be used inside university and private research facilities, unfortunately like so many other monkeys. Darla has two tattoos across her chest, a sad reminder of the time she spent in research. Darla was first subjected to a 15-year-long menstrual study, living in labs at Queen’s University in Canada. It involved her receiving a complete hysterectomy. When this invasive research was finished, she received her second tattoo and was moved into an eating-disorder study. As subjects in anorexia trials, Darla and the other monkeys were deprived of food; therefore, they would fight with each other for what little there was. It was during this research study that Darla lost her tail. (Read more about Darla here.)

Luckily, Darla was rescued from the lab in 2005 by Fauna. She is now living her life in peace in the Fauna Monkey House, enjoying the large indoor and outdoor enclosures surrounded by lush tropical gardens. She shares the house with her friend and fellow rhesus macaque, Newton.

By virtually “adopting” today, you can be a VIP in Darla’s life!

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