Update on Positive Reinforcement Training for Eugene

In December we informed you of the Positive Reinforcement Training (PRT) that Eugene would be receving to help him accept an injection.

Eugene’s training is progressing very well. Through a generous grant from National Anti-Vivisection Society and thoughtful donations from our individual supporters, we are able to continue his training with the expert supervision of Margaret Whittaker, an Animal Behavior Consultant and President of Creative Animal Behavior Solutions. Margaret was with us at Fauna last week continuing the training and we are making great progress.

Over the first few days, Eugene was allowing his Caregiver to touch his arm with a capped syringe. As the training progressed, by the end of the week Eugene was accepting the uncapped, blunt syringe to make contact with his skin.
Watch the videos below from last week’s Positive Reinforcement Training with Caregiver Catherine and Margaret.

You can follow Eugene’s Postive Reinforcement Training progress on our Facebook page.