Rachel enjoying outdoor spaces at Fauna.

Outdoor Spaces at Fauna

The chimpanzees spend a great deal of time in the Chimphouse. They especially like hanging out in rooms that overlook the kitchen area–where all the action is!  However, it is nice to get some fresh air and the chimps enjoy different outdoor spaces at Fauna as well. There are three  islands with treehouses and climbing structures that provide nice views over the property. The outdoor space also includes long stretches of elevated skywalks. These circle around the side of the Chimphouse connecting the back spaces to the front terrace. There are also skywalks that extend out through the gardens and trees. There are two “donuts” at the end of the skywalks that overlook the pond. They make an ideal spot for an afternoon nap.

Tour the outdoor space with Rachel

We often post photos of the chimpanzees on the islands, in the skywalks, and in the Chimphouse. However, while you are looking at the chimps, you don’t know exactly what they are looking at. Rachel takes advantage of many of the outdoor spaces at Fauna. Join her for a little tour of some of her favourite spots and a chimps-eye-view of what she sees!

From up high in the treehouse, Rachel  has a great vantages point to see her surroundings, including the cow barn and the arboretum and tree nursery. She can also see the skywalk winding around the side of the Chimphouse.

Rachel's view from the treehouse

Outdoor Spaces: The Islands

Fauna’s outdoor spaces also include three wonderful grassy islands for the chimpanzees to explore. The islands are dotted with beautiful trees and flowering bushes. Wooden pathways lead to shaded climbing structures, hammocks and private cabins. There are lots of places to wander. No matter how widely they roam, they always find their way back to the Chimphouse for mealtimes.


Rachel's tour of Fauna includes the islands.
Rachel heads back to the Chimphouse from the treehouse on the island.


Rachel's tour of Fauna includes the islands.

The chimpanzees enjoy different outdoor spaces at Fauna.
An island hammock provides a nice spot to rest and look at magazines.

Outdoor Spaces: The Skywalks

The elevated skywalks are enjoyed by the chimpanzees and allow them to get outside in all four seasons. There are side flaps with windows that can be rolled-down during inclement winter. We also provide heated mats for them to walk and sit on during the colder months. These outdoor structures allow the residents to move through the trees and spend time in the gardens. Rachel’s skywalk views include lush greenery and a view of the pond.


Outdoor spaces at Fauna

Outdoor spaces at Fauna
The skywalks move across the island moat and out into the trees.
 The skywalks move across the island moat and out into the trees.
The chimps can watch the geese, ducks and waterbirds that visit the fauna pond all year round.


Caregivers are always close by

While the caregivers do not access the islands when the chimps are outside, they are always aware of where they roam. When they are in the skywalks or enjoying time in the outdoor enclosures, they will certainly get a visit and a special delivery from their compassionate friends.


Caregivers visit the outdoor spaces at fauna.


Caregivers visit the outdoor spaces at fauna.

You Can Help

Your support helps to provide the outdoor enrichment the residents so rightly deserve. We are currently looking for donations to help purchase additional heated mats for the skywalks. As the chimpanzees like to sit out in the winter, these mats are essential to helping keep them comfortable. You can donate here, or if you prefer, you can send a Costco Gift card that can be used to purchase the mats.