The Other Minds Problem

Summer School in Animal Cognition

From June 26th to July 6th, Université du Québec à Montréal held its Summer School in Animal Cognition event. The 10-day conference, entitled “The other minds problem: animal sentience and cognition,” hosted speakers from around the world. The panels were a delight for students and academics interested in minds other than human. The intriguing sessions ranged from cetacean biology and cognition to plant neurobiology.

Primates, Voles, and Worms

Fauna’s Dr. Mary Lee Jensvold participated in panels on June 26th and June 27th. You can watch the first panel, Primates, Voles, and Worms, above.

Nonhuman Personhood

Dr. Jensvold was also on the panel for the Nonhuman Personhood Workshop given by animal rights attorney, Steven M. Wise, JD of the Nonhuman Rights Project. You can watch the workshop below.

All of the presentations and panels are available on the UQÀM Institut des Sciences Cognitives YouTube channelOur participation in the UQÀM program supports the education aspect of our mission.