Princess Party Provides Monkey Enrichment

Enrichment is a vital element for any nonhuman animal living in captivity and is an effective means of improving their overall physical and emotional welfare. The animal caregivers, interns and volunteers at Fauna spend a great deal of time planning and implementing chimpanzee and monkey enrichment in a wide variety of ways including food and meal choices, treat puzzles, toys, mirrors, magazines, clothing, art materials, or even wrapped cardboard boxes. Environmental enrichment can include hanging items, wading pools, tunnels, ropes, climbing structures, tires and hammocks. All of these encourage exploration and physical activity in their home at Fauna.

Providing Extra Special Monkey Enrichment

The monkeys were treated to a very special party recently when their caregivers decorated the outside space for a Princess Party! Brightly coloured streamers were hung throughout the enclosures and treats were hidden in various hanging paper objects, as well as in rolled-up paper tubes and small boxes on the gournd. The monkey enrichment treat of choice is nuts and on cleaning days, like this day, they are given a few extra treats to forage for keep them active.

Fauna Foundation's Monkey, Newton
Newton takes apart a hanging paper puzzle to find his peanuts.


Darla looks out at the brightly coloured decorations that are part of the monkey enrichment program.

We Could Not Do It Without You

Enrichment is costly and our supporters are always so generous sending items from our Wishlists. These new pop-up tents have been a big hit with the monkeys and caregivers alike! This summer our interns are gathering valuable data about about the chimpanzees’ use of enrichment which will help Fauna understand and improve activities for the chimpanzees and monkeys. If you would like to donate to this valuable research, please condiser sending a few dollars to our ACTION! Enrichment campaign.

Watch Eugene and Newton enjoying thier party, considered a type of Thematic Enrichment, which includes birthdays, theme days and non-permanent forms of enrichment likeing decorations and window dresings. Take a look at this great article in the Friends of Washoe website.


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