Magazines for Chimpanzees & Their Responses to Pictures

One popular and simple enrichment item that we give to the chimpanzees is magazines; catalogues with pictures are the best. The chimpanzees flip through and examine the pictures, often returning to a favored picture.

Tatu prefers pictures of food. She signs THAT on one of the food pictures while leafing through the magazine (see video above). Meanwhile Binky prefers pictures of women. You can see him flipping through a magazine below.

Picture Recognition

Picture recognition occurs in many different species from birds, to sheep, to monkeys and apes. Signing chimpanzees provide some insight to their thoughts about these pictures. Research from the Chimpanzee & Human Communication Institute (Tatu and Loulis’ former home) examined the chimpanzees’ responses to images. In one instance Tatu looked at a picture of cheese, signed CHEESE, and ultimately took a bite of the picture. In another instance in response to an image with large black letters, Tatu signed THAT BLACK repeatedly on various letters. To a picture of people kissing, Tatu kissed the picture. The pictures and examples appeared in Picture Naming in Signing Chimpanzees, a poster presented at the Symposium on Undergraduate Research and Creative Expression, Central Washington University, Ellensburg WA. [Putzier, A., Bettini, A., Keenan, S., & Jensvold, M.L. (2014, May).]

Sending Us Magazines for Chimpanzees

We are always in need of catalogues and magazines for enrichment! You can mail them or send subscriptions directly to us. We thank you!

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