Happy 40th Birthday Loulis

Happy 40th Birthday Loulis

Today we’d like to say happy 40th birthday Loulis! Lou is a very dear fellow who has quite a life story. He has an incredible personality and quite a sense of humor. He is always up for a game of chase with an old friend or a prospective new friend. It is so hard to believe that this guy who has such a youthful appearance and outlook on life, is turning 40 today!!! It is even harder to believe he is now the eldest male in the Fauna Chimphouse, a special position that has been held by some remarkable chimpanzees over the years and is now held by Loulis.

Even On His Birthday Loulis Likes His Naps

It is true that many photos captured of Lou are of him napping, a pastime he takes very seriously. Just like anyone else his age, he needs his rest.



Loulis spends his waking hours playing chase with his human friends from CHCI, and we all agree that Jeff gives Lou the most exercise. When he is not playing chase, he is supervising the front gate and all who enter from his overhead skywalk, one of his favorite locations. He loves to patrol and surprise unwelcome delivery men, Dr. Allan, my sister Dawna and other folks who he gets great pleasure from surprising.



Loulis is a dear soul and he deserves all the blessings and love you can send to him today on his special day.

Love Loulis? Consider making a donation to Fauna’s Lifetime Care Fund in his honour!

Gloria Grow

Gloria Grow is the founder of Fauna Foundation, Board Member and Fauna Trustee. Gloria is also a Trustee of the American Fund for Alternatives to Animal Research (AFAAR) and is a founding member of the North American Primate Sanctuary Alliance (NAPSA). She has made numerous presentation in Canada, the USA and Europe; appeared in PBS, National Geographic, Animal Planet and Discovery documentaries; and over 34 major newspapers have interviewed her. As an expert in her field, she has served in consultative, advisory board and practical capacities for other chimpanzee sanctuaries and facilities worldwide.

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