Caregiver Chronicles: Grooming

Grooming is a critical activity in the life of a chimpanzee. It plays an important role in maintaining balance in their relationships. Some of our residents prefer grooming with the other chimps and some others, like Rachel, also like to groom with human friends. Most of the time, Rachel will put an object in her mouth when she grooms, such as a brush or a lego block.

Grooming with Rachel

I like to use different grooming tools such as a paint brush, a feather, a bush, etc. Preferences will vary according to the individual with whom I share this moment with. Rachel really likes the back scratcher. She will take the end in her hand and carefully manipulate it on herself as I hold the other end for her. Sometimes she will appreciate a good old scratching session on her arms, legs, and especially on her back and little bum!



Grooming sessions are very important moments for caregivers to solidify relationships with chimpanzees whom they care for. It’s always an honour to be invited to groom with one of our residents.


Catherine Brodeur

–Caregiver Catherine Brodeur

Catherine is from Québec and has been an Animal Caregiver at Fauna for 2 years.


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