Fauna fitness in the chimphouse.

Fitness at Fauna

After our 30 days of movement challenge here at Fauna, the caregivers decided to take a closer look at exactly what an average cleaning day meant for all of us in terms of on-the-job “fitness”. We feel like it’s a physical work but we never really quantified exactly what that might look like. We decided it was time to check it out! Some of us on the Fauna team have fitness tracker watches or apps on our phones. These devices track things like daily steps and kilometres, as well as stairs and floors climbed. We compiled two months worth of daily tallies and we were pretty impressed!

Caregivers tracking fitness at Fauna.

Fitness at Fauna–the Chimphouse workout

The  Chimphouse is 1,115 square meters, including multiple floors, changes in elevation and 213 meters of skywalks. In addition to their work in Chimphouse work, the caregiving staff usually walk around the property to serve the farm animals. They also walk back and forth to the monkey house, which is a short distance from the Chimphouse. This all leads to lots of movement! We compiled averages from our trackers and discovered some very interesting results!

Every day is cleaning day in the chimphouse.
Every day is cleaning day!

Fauna cleaning day.


Fitness at Fauna–by the Numbers

On an average cleaning day caregivers:

Take 15,645 steps (sometimes 10,000 steps BEFORE noon!)
Climb 26 floors
And walk 10.9km

On an average week caregivers:
Take 63,944 steps
Climb 99.8 floors
And Walk 43.4km

Fauna Fitnes: The outdoor enclosures are large and on multiple levels.
The outdoor enclosures are cleaned several times a week. It is a good work out as they are large and on multiple levels.

Now We Know!

No wonder the team is so tired at the end of a cleaning day! Lets not forget that although we can see steps and floors on our trackers, they don’t take into account things like sweeping, squeegeeing, carrying laundry baskets up stairs, lifting garbage cans, crawling around in tunnels, pressure washing or even of games of chase! They should design a fitness tracker just for caregivers! Our jobs might seem relaxed and easy going, serving primates all day, but according to our watches (and our feet) we are making sure we earn that little bit relaxation!

Please note: We all need strength and courage at this challenging time. With your continued support we can provide caregivers with protective equipment which keeps our family of residents healthy and safe.

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