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Fauna Welcomes Blackie and Dolly

New Residents Blackie and Dolly arrive from Parc Safari

We are pleased to announce the arrival of Blackie and Dolly from Parc Safari, a zoo south of Montreal in Hemmingford. Dolly and Blackie, 49 and 48, have lived at Parc Safari over 40 years. They lost two family members this year, Rene and Daisy. Chimpanzees should live in large communities, so two chimpanzees is not a social group. Fauna applauds Parc Safari in their decision to send these two to Fauna where they will have the opportunity for new friends, enrichment, care, meals, and space in the sunset of their lives.

New Beginnings at Fauna!

Blackie and Dolly arrived safely on November 28th after their short journey from Hemmingford and settled in quickly to their new sanctuary home. They were welcomed by Gloria, Mary Lee and their new team of compassionate caregivers who were eager to offer grooming with mouth sounds and greetings with breathy pants. The two chimpanzees moved into a bright space upstairs and on their very first day they built a nest of straw and blankets big enough for a t-rex to lay a clutch of eggs! They have since spent lots of time building nests in front of the windows looking out onto the farm.


Blackie sitting in her nest. Image © NJ Wight


On their third day they went outside, and inside, and outside, and inside, over and over. They both now enjoy the choice to go in and out at will. The two chimpanzees have been exploring all of the enrichment, unwrapping and opening boxes and enjoying the wonderful choice of fresh foods including sampling items left on their cart. They especially love frozen treats and homemade muffins. Most important, they are interacting with the other Fauna chimpanzees in neighboring enclosures. Dolly is the most outgoing, offering greetings, while Blackie is a bit more tentative but definitely interested, keeping a close watch on the kitchen activites from the pop-out tunnels.


Dolly enjoys some of the fresh greens offered. They love the vegetable cart left for them to serve themselves. © NJ Wight


As far as we know, Parc Safari was the only other place in Canada with chimpanzees, besides Fauna. We were not actively seeking chimpanzees, but we have been open to providing a healthy environment for the chimpanzees of Parc Safari. Taking two older chimpanzees does not change the long-range plan of Fauna, but it does change the days right now with higher costs and care needs.


Blackie looks down on the kitchen activity and across the way towards her new family members. There is lots to discover for the new chimpazees, including all the cheerful holiday decorations. © NJ Wight

You Can Help

Fauna are asking you to assist us in caring for Blackie and Dolly. During winter months the chimpanzees’ outside space is limited because we must close the islands. Up until this point we have always been able to provide outside access for all of the chimpanzees all year long. Now with two new chimpanzees, this will be more of a challenge. We need to create an extra space that has some outside access during the winter. This Winter Greenhouse will be enclosed but have an outside feel. With it, all of the chimpanzees will have some outside access throughout the winter. Your donation will ensure the space we need.


Blackie and Dolly take a nap in front of the big windows upstairs. © NJ Wight

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