Fauna Foundation Chimpanzee Binky with Mirror

ACTION! Enrichment Campaign

Enrichment, which includes activities that promote physical activity and mental stimulation, is essential for the well-being of captive chimpanzees. It comes in many forms including; food and meal choices, treat puzzles, toys, mirrors, magazines, clothing, art materials, and even wrapped cardboard boxes. It can also be structural and tunnels, ropes, climbing structures, tires and hammocks encourage exploration and physical activity in their home at Fauna. The ACTION! Enrichment Campaign will support exciting enrichment progams this summer and we need your help!

Petra and Toby share a toy. © NJ Wight

Intern Study Program

Our interns will be arriving next month and this year their summer study project will be focused on observing and documenting how the chimpanzees use enrichment. This research will help us better understand the needs of our residents to ensure they receive the highest level of care. (Last year the summer interns completed a valuable Space Use study which you can read about on page 18 of our Annual report. )

2016 summer interns studying the chimpanzees use of space at Fauna.

To help us provide the chimpanzees with a varied and interesting collection of toys and objects this summer you can contribute to the ACTION! Enrichment Campaign! Every dollar donated will go directly towards purchasing items for the Fauna chimpanzees. We are looking for many specific objects including grooming items, cardboard and paper products, tubing and dress up items. This fund will allow us to purchase the appropriate items and will be an enormous help to ensuring the chimpanzees have everything they need.

You can read more about the importance of enrichment in our Caregiver Chronicles.