Thank You Dose!

Thanks to Montréal company Dose, the Fauna chimpanzees are enjoying delicious, cold-pressed organic juices! Dose juices are an excellent food source loaded with nutrients. Because they are cold-pressed, the juices retain their nutritional value. The chimpanzees are loving them and they are part of the balanced diet served each day in the Chimphouse.

Tatu Enjoys a Dose Juice

Tatu enjoys a bottle of Taxi made with pineapple, apple mint and lime juices. Just like humans, individual chimpanzees have unique personalities and dexterity can differ from one chimp to another. Some chimpazees may bite down hard to open a bottle top while another will unscrew the lid. In the video, Tatu sips her juice and then when the bottle is empty, she screws the top back on and puts it aside.

Thanks again to the folks at Dose for their donation of these fabulous juices!