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Adopt a Chimp and Change a Life

Welcome to Fauna’s Adopt-a-Chimp program. By symbolically adopting a chimp (or a monkey!) today, you play an important role in their ongoing recovery. Proceeds from our Adopt‑a‑Chimp program go directly to providing critical health care and an enriched environment for our residents, giving them the quality of life they so greatly deserve.

Choose Your Adoption Package

Once you decide on your virtual “adoption” package, your next step will be to select which chimp (or monkey) you want to adopt. Prices are in Canadian dollars.

Digital Adoption Packages

CAD$ 60

Our DIGITAL Adopt-a-Chimp package is an environmentally-friendly, downloadable adoption kit, including a:

– Full-color photo of your chosen chimp or monkey
– Digital copy of their biography and history
– Subscription to the Fauna newsletter, “The Scoop”
– The Fauna Annual Report

The Digital Adoption Kit is available to download immediately after purchase.

Premium Adoption Packages

CAD$ 150

Premium package is unavailable at this time.

Choose Your Chimp

Read their bios, get to know these incredible individuals, and decide on who to “adopt!”

Why Adopt?

Whether retired from laboratory research, or rescued from zoos or other situations, the chimps and monkeys who call Fauna home have been given the chance to live and relax in peace. No longer confined to tiny cages or subjected to invasive experiments, they now delight in the simple pleasures of life: sunshine and fresh air on their faces, room to play and rest, plenty of special treats to eat, new things to discover… but most of all, the chance to be with friends and their family.

Chimpanzees and monkeys in captivity can become bored and restless if their environment does not change. To keep them mentally stimulated, we must continually expand and enhance their enclosures and provide enrichment activities for them to explore. Proceeds from our Adopt‑a‑Chimp program go directly to this important work.

Fauna Foundation's Chimp, Rachel
Fauna Foundation's Chimp, Chance

All combined, the Fauna Foundation chimps have survived approximately 250 years in biomedical research. The subjects of everything from liver biopsies to experimental HIV drugs, the majority of these chimps have spent some time in pain and isolation. Now that they are safely at Fauna, this is our opportunity to provide quality care for these special individuals in their much-deserved retirement.

We are caring for an aging population. All of the chimpanzees at Fauna are 30 years of age or older — which is geriatric, as the average age of death for captive and wild chimpanzees is 32 years of age. Much of their living costs are due to geriatric health needs like medication, special procedures, enclosure modifications, and specialized veterinary care. This costs more money than a younger, more healthful chimpanzee population would require. The cost of care for one chimpanzee is over $20,000 CDN per year. Proceeds from our Adopt-a-Chimp program go towards securing the best possible care for our residents for the rest of their lives.

Adopt-a-Chimp FAQ

Have a question that’s not answered below? Ask and we’ll be happy to answer.

The term “adoption” really means sponsorship. When you adopt a chimpanzee or a monkey from Fauna, your contribution goes to help care for that individual — and in return, you receive detailed information about the chimp or monkey you have chosen to adopt.

Fauna’s Sanctuary provides permanent, lifetime protection for these incredible individuals. The Fauna Foundation does not support the private ownership of chimpanzees or monkeys, ever.

Our digital Adoption Package is CDN$ 60. The cost of a Premium Adoption Package is CDN$ 150, which includes shipping and handling. All prices are in Canadian funds.

You will receive a tax receipt for a portion of the Adoption Package price. For the Digital kit you will receive a CDN$ 50 tax receipt and for the Premium you will receive a CDN$ 100 tax receipt.

Yes. The Adoption Package fee is a one-time only cost.

For Premium Adoption Packages it should take roughly three weeks to process your order and mail your package out to you after you make your purchase. The actual mailing time is beyond our control and determined by Canada Post.

If you are looking for something more immediate, consider our Digital Adoption Package, which you can download immediately upon purchasing.

Fauna’s philosophy is to focus on the positive changes in the chimpanzees’ lives since their arrival at the Sanctuary in 1997, or in the monkeys’ since their arrival in 2005. However, all of their biographies do address their time in biomedical research and some of the abuse they experienced as circus performers, pets, or as participants in research labs or the entertainment industry. We encourage parents to read through the material before giving it to their children and use it to create a dialogue about these important issues.

The most important message children can take away from this virtual adoption program is that compassion can make a difference for the chimps and monkeys in our care, and for the future of those still in captivity.

All adoption kits are priced in Canadian dollars. We cannot give you an accurate price in other currencies as conversion rates change on a daily basis.

If you are paying by credit card, the currency exchange rate is set by the credit card company on the day you make your purchase. The exchange rate will appear on your credit card statement.

You may also choose to purchase an international money order in Canadian funds; however, please be careful mailing an international money order to us as it is similar to sending cash.