Chimpanzee Sue Ellen eating pepper from Fauna's Kitchen

A Day in Fauna’s Kitchen

Here in Fauna’s kitchen, we work hard to offer a variety of nutritious food to all of our residents according to their personal preferences and, of course, their dietary needs. Everyone knows that food is a source of comfort! People often ask about our residents’ diets. Here are the various types of healthy meals and servings our residents receive throughout the day.

Prepping meals in Fauna’s Kitchen

Upon arriving in the morning, our Fauna team starts preparing the snacks and meals for the residents for the day. We first serve the residents their medications accompanied by a warm bowl of oatmeal. The flavour changes several times a week depending on the chef’s mood! Binky “food grunts” when he sees his breakfast arrive.

Then, we prepare a large pot of herbal tea which we serve to the residents throughout the day, whenever they would like some. A huge thank you to all of you who donated tea from our shopping wishlist, as we now have enough for a while!

We also prepare a second beverage every morning. This could be hot chocolate, chai latte, golden milk (i.e., plant-based milk with turmeric, honey, and cinnamon), or simply a fresh fruit juice. This beverage is served midmorning to each resident. Rachel, Maya, and Sue Ellen especially love them.

Chimpanzee Maya drinking tea from Fauna's Kitchen
Maya loves herbal tea!

Anything from the trolley?

Later in the morning while the private rooms are being cleaned, a member of the Fauna team prepares the veggie trolleys for each group of residents. On these trolleys are mostly fresh, green vegetables. Regis loves seeing his veggie-stocked trolley arrive! He always rushes to take the lettuce, tomatoes, and peppers. These trolleys are restocked throughout the day. Residents able to help themselves to vegetables whenever they want.

A Bronx cheer for lunchtime

Lunch is prepared by Chef Trevor. The lunch meal is always made up of a protein (e.g., tofu, legumes) and a side dish of grains (e.g., rice, quinoa, etc.). Residents love their dinner and often ask for a second bowl!

Chef Trevor cooking in Fauna's Kitchen
Chef Trevor

Every afternoon in Fauna’s kitchen we also prepare a variety of cooked veggies. Whether grilled in the oven, mixed with sauces, or mashed, the residents adore them. Rachel often asks for more, and if it’s roasted onions, we’ll definitely hear Binky “bronx cheering” to let us know he wants more!

Cooked Veggies from Fauna's Kitchen
Grilled veggies

As the afternoon advances and the residents quietly start to prepare for the night, the trolleys are stocked again but this time with root vegetables such as carrots, turnips, potatoes, and onions.

Individual supper bags

Before ending the day, the Fauna caregivers distribute the famous “supper bags.” This is an individual meal bag that residents can’t wait to receive. Each bag always contains a choice of fruits, vegetables, and nuts. The bags are different for everyone depending on their individual preferences and dietary needs. The bags also come with a delicious, freshly-made smoothie!

Individual Supper Bags for our Fauna residents
Supper bags

When they receive their bags, the residents are very eager to find out what is inside. Then, after they have a full belly, they are finally ready to set up their nest for the night!

The cost of running Fauna’s Kitchen

As you would expect, food is one of the biggest expenses here at Fauna. Our food costs are of approximately CDN $ 6,500 monthly, or $ 78,000 for the whole year. A big thank you to our donors. It’s with your help that we are able to provide such a wide variety of healthy, nutritious food to our residents —  we are very grateful!


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