Covid-19 update. Caregivers wearing mask.

Covid-19 Update

We wanted to let you know the variety of measures we are taking to protect the residents of Fauna in response to the Corona Virus situation. According to a panel of AZA veterinarians it is unknown how chimpanzees would respond to COVID-19 so we are advised to treat the disease as a significant health risk to the chimpanzees. The only means of exposure for the chimpanzees would be through their caregivers or other individuals with limited access to the chimphouse. This would include some volunteers, contractors, and delivery people.

Government Response to Covid -19

Québec has taken early aggressive measures to flatten the curve. (e.g. decrease the probability of Covid-19 disease transmission) This includes closing schools, bars, restaurants, gyms; banning large groups; recommendations to ban all international travel and consequences for travellers including self-isolation following international travel; paid sick leave; encouraging telecommuting; and urging people to just stay home. These measures were implemented early which helps reduce transmission. Our challenge is that caregivers and other support staff must come into work because the chimpanzees and other residents rely on a team of people each and every day to fulfill all their needs.

Fauna’s Response to Covid-19

So what are we doing at Fauna to make this happen? Staff and volunteers are always required to wear masks and gloves. We emphasize and support our hygiene protocols in all areas including the office. We are using all the recommendations and resources of the Québec government to support our staff. A contingency plan is being developed in the event of multiple absences. The goal is to make sure that our residents feel the least impact possible; that they always feel safe and don’t experience uncertainty or anxiety. This means keeping their daily routine and activities as normal as we can while maximizing resident and staff safety. It includes good, nutritious food, fun enrichment, and most importantly, caregivers who are happy and healthy good friends.

You Can Help

We rely on the generosity of our family of Fauna supporters to ensure the safety and well-being of our residents. Your support at this time will go a long way in helping us ensure we can secure the necessary food and enrichment for the weeks to come given the possibility that supply chains might be limited. Your donations also help us support our caregivers with protective equipment so they can confidently take care of our family of residents. Please donate to Fauna today.

We know everyone is facing the Covid-19 crisis in their own lives and in their own communities. Thank you for keeping us in your thoughts. We wish you and your families strength and courage at this challenging time.