A Cool Story for a Hot Day

Remembering Winter Enrichment: A Cool Story for a Hot Day

On this hot day we bring a cool story of the fun enrichment residents enjoyed over the winter. Even as winter came to a close there were a few residents who are still interested in snow and ice. Caregivers like to offer snow and ice in a variety of forms and enrichment! We offer the fresh snow to the residents as yummy snack sprinkled with fruit or juice.

We also provide the residents with a variety of frozen treats including things like frozen Gatorade, frozen tea, and even diet items (like grapes and oranges) frozen into buckets, jugs or containers. Not only does it provide a delicious snack, but it also occupies the resident’s minds. They must try to figure out how to get the diet items out of the frozen treat, or even use ice to cool down soups or drinks that might be a little too warm for their liking.

We also fill large bins with snow and little bits of fruit for the residents to search for a treat. And sometimes, they just like to munch on a big snowball. Even though us humans aren’t always pleased with the cold temperatures, the residents don’t seem to mind!

-Story by Kaeley Sullins, Animal Caregiver

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Please consider buying fruit and treats for enrichment for the residents!