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Caregiver Chronicles: Kiss the Girl

Welcome to the inaugural post in our Caregiver Chronicles series. Over the coming months, we will be featuring blog updates from the animal caregivers who do such an incredible job taking care of all the residents of Fauna. Whether in they are in the Chimphouse caring for the Fauna chimpanzees, in the Monkeyhouse looking after the monkeys, or in the barns or stables taking care the many farm animals, the Fauna animal caregivers are the heart and soul of Fauna. We hope you enjoy their stories!

Caregiver Chronicles: Kiss the Girl

By Animal Caregiver, Kelsi Breen

When I first arrived at Fauna Jethro seemed to be more of a chimp’s chimp in my eyes. He enjoyed the company of his friends. However, over the past month or so he has been craving his caregiver’s attention. Now this is exciting! One morning I brought meds to one of the big play rooms for Jethro and Binky, who were having some much need bro time. (Medications are distributed to the chimps for their well-being. Due to their past lives in biomedical research labs, medications are now a much needed necessity.) As I arrived Jethro was patiently waiting for me. But this morning he wasn’t playful, he seemed pensive and kind. I crouched down and started talking to him. He seemed interested in the scratch on my wrist. I showed him and told him how I got it.

Fauna Caregiver Chronicles - Medications for Chimpanzees
Jethro seemed to have his mouth close to the caging, so I asked him if he wanted a kiss. Now, for those of you who don’t know Jethro, he is the cool guy in the chimphouse. Everyone likes Jethro. I offered my wrist to him and he quickly and gently kissed it through the caging! I was in SHOCK!! It was like getting kissed by the most popular guy in school! But it was a quick one, so as to not lose his cool guy rep. After our short and sweet moment Binky came up to get his meds, but don’t worry… Jethro and I played it cool like nothing happened. I served them their meds and they disappeared into the playroom.

Meet The Caregiver Chroniclers

Fauna Caregiver, Kelsi BreenKelsi Breen

Kelsi grew up in Washington state where her love of animals began. She attended college at Central Washington University, where she graduated with a degree in Primate Behavior & Ecology/Psychology. Kelsi was an intern at the Chimpanzee and Human Communication Institute where she met Tatu and Loulis, now residents at Fauna. Kelsi was lucky enough to have the opportunity to follow her friends to Canada. Kelsi says, “My job is not glamorous. Being a caregiver is hard and often dirty. It can be physically and emotionally exhausting, but the hard and dirty work can also be fun and often the best part of my job!”

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