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Caregiver Chronicles: Eugene’s Favourite Things

Eugene’s Favourite Things

To his caregivers, Eugene is usually pretty shy, quiet guy. But lately, he has really been coming out of his shell and showing us his true self. As caregivers, it’s exciting to learn Eugene’s favourite things and preferences, be they toys, food or other various enrichment.

Fauna Monkey, Eugene

Eugene the Toy Collector

We’ve noticed that Eugene has been favoring some toys like tennis balls, wooden blocks and stacking toy rings. Over the winter, Eugene began a collection of his favorite toys in one of his tunnels. Sadly, he’s not quite adventurous enough to climb down the tunnel to retrieve them. During the winter months, access to the tunnel for humans is nearly impossible. So all winter long, Eugene has been building his collection waiting for spring to arrive so that his caregivers could rescue his favourite things and toys.

Luckily, last week Kaeley and I we able to rescue them! We gathered them all and were going to surprise Eugene with the giant basket of toys. We set the basket by his room while he was outside foraging and while we were taking a break, Kaeley heard a rattling sound. When we turned around to see what it was, and the not-so-shy Eugene was pulling the basket of toys closer to him!

His first choice was a tiny little plastic shovel, which sadly didn’t fit. We watched him for a bit and then, when he went back outside, we quickly placed the basket of toys in his room. He was very excited! When he returned, he immediately grabbed a pink tennis ball and carried it with him outside.

It is so rewarding to see how well Eugene has adapted to his new home and that he takes such pleasure in the enrichment that he is provided.

Fauna Foundation Monkey Eugene

Meet The Caregiver Chroniclers

Fauna Caregiver, Kelsi BreenKelsi Breen

Kelsi Breen grew up in Washington state where her love of animals began. She attended college at Central Washington University where she graduated with a degree in Primate Behavior & Ecology/Psychology. Kelsi was an intern at the Chimpanzee and Human Communication Institute where she met Tatu and Loulis, now residents at Fauna. Kelsi was lucky enough to have the opportunity to follow her friends to Canada. Kelsi says: “My job is not glamorous. Being a caregiver is hard and often dirty. It can be physically and emotionally exhausting, but the hard and dirty work can also be fun and often the best part of my job!”

Fauna Foundation

The Caregiving & Support Team at Fauna

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