Arboretum Updates

— by Ken McAuslan, Arborist

In June 2016 at the Arboretum, we planted 760 Black Walnut trees and 105 White Oaks in a field that is 900 feet long by 75 feet wide, with all trees on 9 foot centres. All of the trees were planted as germinating seeds using volunteer help.

The impetus for this effort came from Gloria Grow, our founder, who had encountered a mature Black Walnut plantation on one of her travels to the U.S. She found the experience magestic and overwhelming almost on a spiritual level — I know the feeling! She asked me if we could develop a smaller version of the same on Fauna property. I initially had misgivings due to the nature of our soil. However, I luckily happened upon the only field at Fauna that is a complete anomaly where the soil is ideal and already had been masterfully prepared for the best drainage.

This first video of the trees (above) was taken in July 2018 after two years of growth. The second video (below) was taken just two years later in August 2020 at four years old. The growth in just two years is astounding!

The Walnut tree project here at the Arboretum contributes to Fauna’s long-term mission of nature conservation. Through programs like this we have created diverse habitats here at Fauna that attracts hundreds of species and allows them to flourish.

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