A little late for Valentine’s Day

Although we are a little late for Valentine’s Day, we like to think the month of February should be the month of love! Chimpanzees express their love for one another by spending time grooming together, participating in fun activities together, like games of chase, and on the rare special kind of love occaision, sharing food! As we’ve learned over the many years, each of the residents of Fauna has something or someone special they love. So today we’ll share some of the chimpanzees of Fauna’s “loves”!


Binky has two loves, games of chase (with chimpanzees or caregivers) and watching Nature Videos! After many games of chase, Binky loves to relax with a friend and watch nature videos on his tablet!


Chance loves grooming with her friends. Regis and Chance have really bonded over the last few years and spend lots of time grooming and just relaxing together. Chance also loves spending time resting in the sunshine, summer or winter, she’ll find a nice sunny spot and enjoy the rays.


Loulis LOVES games of chase! Upon arriving in the morning, caregivers usually hear a Bronx cheer coming from Lou’s area and as soon as they head over, a game of chase will be afoot! Occasionally, Tatu will indulge Loulis with a wild game of chase and tickle!


Maya loves to feel special (don’t we all?!). She loves her special alone time with caregivers or special treats handed out when no one is looking. She’s a bit of a picky eater but more times than not, a fresh orange from the fridge will bring on the food grunts of love.


Rachel loves grooming! Chimps, stuffies (we call them her babies), and especially grooming with humans. She’s a very caring friend and her love language is absolutely, quality time!


Regis loves 2 things, grooming with friends and food! Regis spends lots of time grooming with friends and when he’s not grooming, he’s snacking! Anytime we refill the trolleys with fresh veggies, Regis is the first to the trolley to grab his favorites. His favorites include lettuce (if you can believe it!), tomatoes, peppers, and carrots!

Sue Ellen

Sue Ellen loves the boys in her life. Although she does share some fondness for the women caregivers in her life, she just lights up when a man walks into the room. Breathy pants galore! Conveniently for Sue all the male staff members love Sue just as much as she loves them!


Tatu loves a lot of things. She loves looking through magazines, grooming with chimpanzee and human friends, seasonal produce of her choice, and basically anytime she can make a choice. She appreciates having choice, whether that be the choice of area to spend time in, spending time on an island, or choosing her snack for the day. Her autonomy and choice are her favorite things…and her brother Loulis of course!

Love comes in many forms here at Fauna! We hope by sharing some of the residents loves you’ll feel a little more connected to each of the wonderful beings we care for!